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Nonton Streaming Film Keep Running. Zombie Soldier! (2015)


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Rating :
: 7/10 (300 votes)
Released :
Category : comedy, Thailand
Trailer : Keep Running. Zombie Soldier! (2015)
Duration :
Director :
Staring :
Tag :
Synopsys : Synopsis    :  In a 3rd year troops march during Khao Chon Kai, dual groups of troops students are perplexing to browbeat any other. There were many conflicts and bullies between them given they were during their high schools. At their use on a field, they always make troubles causing their mentors to retaliate their whole company. Other than a conflicts between a dual gangs, there seems to be a poser along their troops march here, generally during night time. Not so long, they have found out that one of their stream mentor, sarge Danai, was dead. They need to unclothed on an additional margin use from a sarge.