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Nonton Streaming Film Love on Delivery


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Rating :
: 6.9/10 (1.503 votes)
Released :
Category : action, comedy, hongkong, romance
Trailer : Love on Delivery
Duration : 100 min
Director : Stephen Chow
Staring : Stephen Chow, Christy Chung, Man-Tat Ng, Philip Chan
Tag : , , , ,
Synopsys : Love on Delivery - Ho Kam-An is a love struck dim-sum delivery boy who falls for a beautiful judo student. After being humiliated by her boyfriend, Ho Kam-An goes out and seeks the services of an aging kung-fu master who teaches him a half ass style of kung fu \"Karate Kid\" style. After actually learning how to fight using this style (much to the master\'s surprise) he dresses up like Garfield and beats up the boyfriend of the beautiful judo student. But he\'s challenged to a fight by the master\'s former foe. Is Ho Kam-An up to the challenge?