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Nonton Film Serial Marry Me, or Not?


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Rating :
: 7/10 (300 votes)
Released :
Category : comedy, lainnya, romance, Taiwan, tv serial
Trailer : Marry Me, or Not?
Duration :
Director : Yuan Zhong Zhong
Staring : Roy Chiu as Hao Meng 郝萌(Justin) Alice Ko as Cai Huan Zhen 蔡環真(Vivienne) Joanne Tseng as Hao Sheng Nan 郝勝男 (Amber) Harry Chang as Jiang Qian Yao 江前躍
Tag :
Synopsys : Opposites attract, but can a lasting relationship survive between two very different people? Cai Huan Zhen works in the tourism industry and is a top performer at her job. She is a meticulous planner and plans out every detail of her professional and personal life. She is a romantic and strives to find true love in every relationship. On the other hand, He Meng is a successful lawyer who specializes in helping his clients through messy divorces. He has never lost a case, but a side effect of his profession is that he doesn’t believe in a happy marriage. He wants to avoid the entanglements of marriage altogether in his personal life. Could romance survive with this unlikely couple?


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