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Nonton Film Serial The Princess Weiyoung


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Rating :
: 7/10 (300 votes)
Released :
Category : china, history, lainnya, romance, tv serial
Trailer : The Princess Weiyoung
Duration : 45mins
Director : He Shupei Cheng Zhichao
Staring : Tiffany Tang Luo Jin Vanness Wu Rachel Mao Li Xinai
Tag :
Synopsys : During the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties, in Northern Liang\'s royal family lived a princess named Feng Xin\'er (Tiffany Tang) who was kind, carefree, and who was loved by all. A marshal from the Jiang clan of Northern Wei takes it upon himself to overrun Northern Liang and turn it into a bloodbath, forcing the princess out of her comfortable life. Li Weiyang, the daughter of the Imperial Tutor\'s Department from Northern Wei, shielded the princess from harm. However, Wei Yang dies protecting Xin Er, and the latter assumes Wei Young\'s identity to reside in her home, where she is disliked and shunned. She thus took it upon herself to fight against the Jiang clan and unexpectedly became entangled with Northern Wei\'s prince, Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin). Through her struggles, she gains wisdom and is finally able to find peace for her family and live true to her heart.


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